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Debashis Ghosh is a well known breast consultant from UCL Medical School, London. He has all the experience that is needed for treatment of various forms of breast problems. With well equipped machinery and all the expertise, Debashis Ghosh deals in following areas:
• Breast Cancer
• Patients with history of breast cancer
• Nipple discharge and irregular size of nipples
• Gynaecomastia

With all his expertise, he owns plenty of successful Oncoplastic surgery, cosmetic and corrective breast surgery. Some of the most common surgeries that are performed are as following:
• Therapeutic mammoplasty
• Breast size reduction
• Breast symmetrisation process
• Breast augmentation process
• Nipple inversion process
• Oncoplastic and breast remodeling services
• Simple and skin sparing mastectomy
• Axillary node clearance
• Sentinel node biopsies
• Lumpectomy
We are the best name who is dealing in the section of breast cancer and all concerned problems.


If we consider many different types of diseases then breast cancer will be also one that is spreading fast, There are many doctors all across the globe that are doing good work when it comes to treatment of disease like breast cancer. You should have the right methodology at all stages so that you come on the right track for your treatment of your problem. There are many different doctors that are available to sort out your problem. If you are getting any symptom then you should be very conscious because things have changed a lot over the last few years for treatment of various breast problems. You should contact the right doctor as you come to know in your area. You should speak to anyone who has already used any surgeon for treatment. There should be a proper approach at all stages so that you come to know what exactly you need to do? You should have the right system at all stages so that finally you can land on the right page.

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