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Intra-operative radiotherapy ,Targeted Radiotherapy for Breast cancer

Intra-operative radiotherapy

Current  standard Treatment for all Breast conservation surgery is lumpectomy plus radiation to the whole breast . This radiation is given over a period of three to four weeks .Patient travels to the hospital everyday to receive the radiotherapy.

TARGIT-A was the first trial led by UK and conducted at thee Royal Free London and UCL medical school that looked at given single dose intra-operative radiotherapy during surgery.This is given by a special machine that is currently available at select hospitals in UK.

Around 4000 patients were recruited into the trial and this trial closed in 2013.NICE the recommending body for the NHS has given provisional acceptance to the use of  IORT or Intra-operative Radiotherapy on the NHS for a select group of patients .

The patients who are given intra operative radiotherapy have to meet certain criteria before they are offered this treatment

There is currently another trial running that is called the TARGIT-B .This trial gives an extra boos to the bed where the tumour was present.This is given in aggressive  cancers and it looks at preventing local recurrences.

Mr.D Ghosh gives Intra-operative radiotherapy during surgery to a select group of patients who are either a part of trial or fulfil all the criteria that is recommended by NICE.

Mr Ghosh does these operations privately and in the NHS .

These facilities are available for him at the Royal Free Hospital London and The Hospital Of St John’s and Elizabeth London.

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