London's Private Breast Clinic and Cancer Screening in Harley Street

Breast cancer can be overwhelming, but you're in good hands with Mr. D.B. Ghosh Breast Clinic, you will be treated by a team led by Mr. D.B. Ghosh who is a caring breast surgeon and specialist breast care nurses. At Mr. D.B. Ghosh Breast Clinic, Mr. D.B. Ghosh and his team provide early breast cancer detection, genetic testing, and personalised care for breast cancer patients.

Breast Surgery Clinic in Harley Street, London

At Mr. D.B. Ghosh’s breast surgery clinic in Harley Street, London we are providing one stop breast care with world class facilities. We have an excellent record in breast cancer surgery (Oncoplastic and Reconstructive) and cosmetic breast surgery.

Our Breast Clinic in Harley Street, London works closely with a multidisciplinary team to deliver comprehensive care and first-rate breast surgery. All surgery is performed at the renowned Hospital of St Johns & Elizabeth, The King Edward VII Hospital, London. Throughout your treatment your breast doctor will prioritise your safety, comfort, and confidence in your treatment.

If you want fuller, firmer, and perkier breasts, consider breast enlargement. At his popular breast surgery clinic in Harley Street, London, Mr. D.B. Ghosh offers beautiful breast implants to give you the ample bust you've always wanted. Or if your large breasts are causing you discomfort, breast surgery may be the perfect solution. Mr. D.B. Ghosh uses his expertise in the precise, delicate arts of cosmetic and oncoplastic surgery to achieve consistently high levels of patient satisfaction. Whether you want private breast reduction, a breast uplift, breast symmetrisation, nipple correction, you’re bound to be delighted with the stunning, natural results Mr. D.B. Ghosh creates.

Breast Surgery Clinic in Harley Street, London

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