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Breast Implants and Cancer

Breast Implants and their association with cancer remains a constant subject of debate.

In the recent years there was the PIP implant incident. This led to thousands of women across the world having their PIP implants removed and replaced. The final report concluded that there was an increased risk of rupture from the implants however the material used in the implant was not toxic or harmful to patients.

There has been some recent published reports from the FDA  in USA and MHRA  UK regarding the association of a very rare form of cancer involving the lymph glands. This is called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL)

Currently only 60 cases have been detected worldwide and it is considered to be a very low risk .

The current advice from the NHS and the MHRA in UK is that we do not change our practice in any way. Women with implants are advised to be more Breast aware . Please read my article on Breast Awareness.

We can reassure all women that this is an extremely rare form of cancer .If detected in the early stages it is completely cured .The current body of evidence that is available does not confirm that patients with breast implants will definitely develop breast cancer


There is another article that is going to be published in the medical journals soon and news is breaking out in the USA .This states that there is an increased risk of developing Lung and breast cancer in patients who develop breast cancer.
We strongly caution all patients that this is just a single  study and we advice patients not to panic.


All women with breast implants are advised to perform regular self examination and be breast aware.

If a lump or any abnormality is found they should not hesitate to see a Breast Specialist .

It is also important to understand there is no risk from having mammograms with implants.

Breast implants do not prevent breast surgeons in picking up breast cancer using Clinical examination ,Ultrasound exams and mammograms.


All Breast specialists in UK operate through a one

stop Breast clinic where all investigations can be completed in one appointment.



It is important to understand the patient pathway in a One stop Breast clinic

All patents are seen along with a specialised Breast care nurse

A full history is taken and Examination of patients are performed.


All patients who have a lump or any breast symptom and above the age of 35 are offered a mammogram.


If a patient has a lump that can be felt by the patient and doctor then they have an ultrasound scan.


If a lump is found they can be tested immediately with a core biopsy. This is done under ultrasound guidance.


Sometimes on Mammograms we find chalk or calcification that can arouse suspicion of cancer. These patients are also subjected to a biopsy in the clinic.


In the NHS we are able to provide all patients with a definite report of biopsy in a week .


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