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Breast Reduction Surgery In London

Breast reduction surgery, also called mammoplasty, helps to reduce extra breast tissue and can make drooping or larger breasts, smaller. Breast reduction is the most suitable option for women who want smaller breasts, or may be experiencing health problems that may happen due to larger breasts such as skin irritation, back and neck pain and breathing problems. Breast surgeon Mr D.B. Ghosh usually performs a breast reduction and lift together to achieve the best results.

Breast reduction surgery facts:

  • The procedure can be performed at any age, but is most effective when the breasts are fully developed.
  • Breast and nipple piercings may lead to infection.
  • Breast reduction surgery can hinder certain diagnostic methods.
  • Your ability to breastfeed after breast reduction surgery can be compromised. Talk to the surgeon if you think you may want to breastfeed a baby in future.
  • Changes in breasts size during pregnancy or significant weight gain or loss may impact on the result of previously performed breast reduction surgery.
  • Breast reduction is a reconstructive surgical method so the surgery can be covered by health insurance.
  • Smokers can be at higher risk of complications. If you are serious about undergoing cosmetic surgery, try to quit smoking.

Benefits of breast reduction:

  • Firmer better proportioned breasts.
  • A boost to your self-esteem.
  • Greater comfort with small breasts.
  • Clothes fit better.
  • Regular exercise is easier.

The breast reduction procedure:

  • The surgeon will create an incision around the nipple. The incision will be continued in a straight and vertical line to the breast crease. Sometimes, a further cut can be made in the crease just beneath your breast.
  • The nipple will be attached to the nerve and blood supply at all times. Sometimes, a heavy breast may require a ‘free nipple graft’ where the nipple is removed and reattached at a higher point on the breast.
  • Excess skin, glandular and fat tissue can be removed. The breast surgeon may use liposuction in order to remove any extra fat deposits.
  • The surgeon will put several stitches deep inside the breast tissue for support.
  • Skin incisions will be brought together and closed.

Recover from breast augmentation:

Complete recovery takes about one month on an average during which time you should rest and avoid any kind of strenuous activity. Based on your occupation, you will require on average two weeks off work. You might not be able to drive for ten days after breast reduction surgery in London. It will be necessary to do some exercises to ensure proper blood circulation during the recovery period.


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