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Cosmetic Breast Surgery in London

We specialise in all kinds of cosmetic breast surgery, in London. Our wide range of breast surgery procedures are performed on both men and women and include breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction and implant replacement. From your first consultation and at every stage through the procedure and your recovery, we aim to provide exceptional care and services to all our patients. Mr D.B. Ghosh is a specialist breast surgeon who has specific expertise in delivering outstanding results and a natural and beautiful look.

Our Cosmetic Breast Surgery includes the following:

Our breast surgeons have years of experience in performing common procedures such as:

Breast Enhancement and Enlargement (implants)

Breast augmentation surgery helps to improve the volume of the breasts. During your consutation with Mr D.B. Ghosh you will be able to discuss your goal for breast enlargement. Dr Ghosh will then determine the perfect size, so that your breasts appear natural and fit your frame beautifully.

Breast reduction (mammoplasty)

Larger breasts are often a cause for back and shoulder pain. That is often the reason that women with larger breasts choose breast reduction surgery, to achive breasts of a better size for their frame.

Breast lift (mastopexy)

Like our skin, breasts tend loose elasticity, as we grow older, after pregnancy or after weight loss. Droopy breasts can be improved and reshaped with a breast lift for a natural and rejuvenated result.

Male breast reduction (Gynaecomastia)

The condition of Gynaecomastia can lead to enlarged breasts developing in men. Mr D.B. Ghosh can reduce and remodel the chest in order to create more masculine contour.

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Mr D.B. Ghosh works with great precision and values patient satisfaction above all. He will make sure that he understands the results that you want to achieve by performing breast surgery in London. He will give you his expert opinion and discuss the ideal treatment plan for you.

If you want to book a consultation with Mr D.B. Ghosh, or have any queries, feel free to call us at 02072052281 today.

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