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How an Abnormal Mammogram May Turn out a Breast Cancer

Abnormal Mammogram

Is your mammogram report abnormal? If yes, then there is nothing to panic about. According to the cancer researchers, not more than 10 percent of women called back for more tests after screening mammogram have been found to suffer from breast cancer.

If your screening mammogram seems to be abnormal, a radiologist will probably recommend further imaging such as:

  • Diagnostic private mammogram

  • Breast MRI for high-risk patients

  • Breast ultrasound

Important facts on breast cancer:

One in every eight women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime.

Nearly 75 percent of breast cancers occur in women without any risk factors.

Screening mammography is the right way to detect breast cancer early.

If women are not screened early and regularly for breast cancer, then the treatment becomes more complicated and the survival rates may decrease.

Your breast surgeon in London may ask to perform a biopsy which means that he/she will need to get the sample of tissue from the abnormal areas which will then be sent to the laboratory for proper diagnosis. Nearly 15 percent of women who have been called back for further imaging will need to undergo a biopsy.

Different kinds of breast biopsies are a needle core biopsy or surgical biopsy, depending on your condition.

A needle biopsy will produce minimal scarring that enables further diagnosis of breast cancer without taking the patient to the operating room. This provides all possible options of breast ultrasound and breast cancer treatment to be considered along with clinical trials.

A surgical biopsy might be suggested due to the kind of location of the lesion, or if needle biopsy results or previous imaging had been questionable.

In case cancer has been detected, you may be referred to D B Ghosh who will discuss all possible treatment options. This will include – surgery to ease the tumor, chemotherapy, radiation and/or hormone therapy. Either one or more of these options will be recommended depending on your present situation.

Complete breast cancer care by Mr. D B Ghosh

Mr. D B Ghosh will discuss your case with a multi-disciplinary breast cancer tumor board so that you know more about the type of treatment that needs to be performed. The board usually includes surgeons, oncologists, radiation oncologists, breast care coordinators, genetic counselors, and lymphedema specialists who have already treated a wide range of breast cancer patients.

You may visit one stop breast clinic London to perform the necessary tests on time and get cured from breast cancer at the early stage.

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